iPearl Inc, USA is a company located in Apex, North Carolina, USA.

Founded by a devoted Mac fan with over 10 iPods from 1st Generation iPod to iPhone and over 10 Macs(from iBook / iMac / MacBook / PowerMac / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air, etc) at hand for toys/development, we know Macs from inside out. All orders are processed by Macs too.

Yes, we know Macs and have a passion for Macs. Now we are offering excellent affordable quality products for the Mac community.

mCover® is a registered trademark of iPearl Inc in the USA. mCover® originally means "Mac Cover", however, we have expanded to offer protective stylish hard shell cases for other  PC & Chromebook Laptops, tablets, and eBook readers like Amazon Kindles and Barnes & Noble Nook.

mCover® hard shell cases are custom designed to fit your Mac / PC / Chromebook laptops / netbooks / Kindles perfectly and provide 24/7 protection. They are made of high-quality polycarbonate material which is 100% recyclable and are lightweight, sturdy, flexible, protective, and stylish.

Starting from 2016, most of the electricity we use in our office and factory will come from the solar system installed by NC SOLAR NOW on the roof. We’ve been working hard to minimize the impact of energy used by our company to make our products on the environment.

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Shanghai, China, we are able to provide quality products at affordable prices to smart consumers all over the world!

Believe it or not, mCover® cases are the #1 best-selling cases for MacBook/Chromebook/Netbooks/Kindles on eBay USA and Amazon. We have proudly served over 5,000,000 customers and over 6,000+ K12 schools across the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe as of Sept. 2018.

We will be offering more cases for all sizes of tablets, Mac | PC | Chromebook laptops in the future.

iPearl Inc proudly named the "iPearl Immersion Theater" in the new James Hunt Library of North Carolina State University to show its support for education in 2012.

In 2023, iPearl Inc proudly named the "iPearl Innovation Studio" in the D. H. Hill Library, which is one of the NC State's two main libraries, to show its continued support for education.



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